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MVNOs and The Cloud – new lofty possibilities for virtual operators

I’ve developed MVNO Industry Summit 2010 to specifically recognise the next phase of MVNO development, which is just as well as more MVNOs than ever are orientating their services and products within the M2M and cloud space. Take La Poste’s recent news, for example, that it is looking for partners to launch as an MVNO in 2010.

It has been reported by the French press that the French post office will offer both contract and prepaid mobile services through its brand, extending to a network of 17,000 post offices. The interesting add-on though (apart from the extension to more lucrative post-paid subscribers) is interaction with the postal services online storage vault called Digiposte. Digiposte allows businesses to manage and store their email, invoices, statements and pay slips in one location – a truly cloud-based VAS, with interesting potential for mobile cloud extension via an MVNO’s connectivity. You can twitter your thoughts back to me on La Poste’s interest in the MVNO #MVNO, or comment below!

Back to the i-pad, with the launch of this ergonomically and aesthetically wondrous rectangle, devices have also staked their claim in MVNO territory. Not officially an ‘MVNO’ the i-pad device guides users through its 3G functionality, with little or no reference to host operator (AT&T) branding. An interesting trend, and one likely to be pursued by similar products to come. For other players in the market – host operators especially – this new area of MVNO development is critical to understanding the role they play in communications and content distribution in 2010 and beyond. That’s why I hope to see you for at the end of day one at networking drinks at the MVNO Industry Summit to discuss more! 6pm, 11th May 😉


Is it that time already?


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 I like 2010. It started with a bang and hasn’t stopped! Isn’t January supposed to be achingly dull and quiet? Don’t February and March slowly kick into gear with MWC? This year has been different and coverage on wireless healthcare convergence, cloud mobility, and device content developments in open mobile have kept me on my toes.

First there was the ipad to get everyone really going. (The Xmas sales? Nothing in comparison to the 120,000 pre-orders it received on the first day it was released – the queues for that would even beat the manic determination and snaking drive of a Next sale me thinks). Next came the Nexus One, lovingly gobbled up at a rate of 200 per hour at MWC by the developer audience at the Android talks.

When I think of MWC 2010, I think of this

I am still cursing about that lost opportunity, but the marketing genius of reaching key influencers with this smart phone are unparalleled even if industry speculation suggests that devices are not Google’s interest at all – just the instant access and capture of ad eyes, and the ability to buy-out supply levels in the value chain. Interesting.

For the US$36 billion global mobile media industry, key tipping points are being reached. This year, the iTunes online store sold its 10 billionth track. Direct consumer purchase has been forecasted by the MEF BCI to rise from 46% to 73% in 2010, and connected devices have become a mass market reality. Augmented reality and 3D gaming also promise new paradigms in m-commerce and gaming across these platforms. 

New enabling business models and third party partnerships have created new modes of content distribution and revenue generation or value creation. E-readers, IP and Over-the-top TV, plus ‘free’ digital music subscription models are disrupting the traditional sector approaches to monetising content to consumer. I’ve just come back from Open Mobility in sunny, gorgeous, (Not-London) California. Much of the discussion there – and in meetings in the Silicon Valley – centred on the impact of cloud on CRM and also the ability to intersect with new vertical sectors – namely, healthcare and sports wellness. All good news for the events i’m currently working on! Cloud Mobility and Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit, both in London.

Throw in a couple of trips to Dubai

Checking out the tower before visiting Arab Health 2010

The Barca Half Marathon Before MWC

 and Barcelona, an imminent move into my first flat, and training for the London Marathon on April 25th and it’s been a pretty busy year so far!

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