All Change at Nokia

With a new chief executive, an outgoing vice-president of mobile and four new Symbian Smartphones, Nokia has had its work cut-out lately. Industry speculation has risen given lack of news about the Meego OS – what is Nokia up to??

the new smart guy, Stephen Elop

the new smart device, n8


Maybe this is a clean break for Nokia to really re-orientate itself and finally embrace the role of software to shift hardware… The new CEO, former Microsoft Executive Stephen Elop,  will be all about the software – is this the step for an Android Nokia device?

OSIM 2010, 19-20 October, will address these issues with a new Nokia Keynote to be announced and also a Meego focus to update the market!!


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Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit – What’s On

Oh, and whilst we are about it…

Topics Covered:

*2010, The Year of Mobile Healthcare?
*How Are Mobile Operators Addressing the Need for New Healthcare and Wellness Systems and Practices?
*1 on 1 Keynote Interview with Don Jones, VP Healthcare, Qualcomm, USA
*Cost Saving and Chronic Illness: Why Healthcare Needs A New Approach and Now
*Case Study: How a Healthcare Provider Implemented a Successful Mobile *Healthcare Model for Staff and Patients
*Business Model Panel Discussion: How Can Mobile Healthcare Be Monetised For All Players?
*What Does Personalisation of Healthcare Mean For You and Your Clinical Practice?
*Exclusive! Interview: Introducing the European MHealth Alliance EuMHA
*Expanding the Access to Care in Underserved Regions
*Global Round Up – 7 regional case studies from mature and growth markets
*University mobile healthcare Challenge – 6 University R&D mini papers compete for the ultimate prize
*Can a Wireless Healthcare Device Become a Consumer Product?
*Will Fitness Sports and Wellness Wireless Services and Products Bring Mobile Healthcare to the Masses?
*How Can Accessibility For Health/Wellness Be Best Built-In At Source?
*How Can New Digital Platforms Support People in Leading Healthier Lives?
*Where Telco, Medical Device, and Software Converge: Next Generation Ultrasound
*End-User Case Studies – 250 Time Marathon Runner and Former Professional *Cyclists Use of Sports Wellness Wireless Data Tracking for Performance Enhancement

*iPhone 4.0 – mHealth Gets The Platform It Deserves


And Global Mobile Healthcare Speakers:

*Thierry Zylberberg, Executive Vice President, Head of Orange Healthcare Division

*Don Jones, VP Healthcare, Qualcomm

*Brian Dolan, Editor,

*Robyn Glen, Mobile Lead, Innovation and Development, NHS Choices

*Helen Rowntree, Drector of strategy, NHS Choices, UK

*Charles Lilley, Group Managing Director, Health Systems, UK

*Frazer Bennett, Leader of the Communications Systems practice, PA Consulting

*Pang Chiang, Associate Partner, GREENWICH CONSULTING

*Galit Zadok and Dr Henry Potts, Lecturer, Centre for Health Informatics (CHIME), UCL Medical School

*Roland da Silva, Vice President, CSMG

*Saadi Hussain, Head of Commercial Management, BT

*David Doherty, 3G Doctor

*Jason Goldberg, CEO, Ideal Life

*Joaquim Croca, Head of mHealth, Vodafone Global Enterprise

*Manfred Kube, Consultant, Cinterion Wireless Modules

*Rajeev Chaudhry, MBBS, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic – via video link

*Mohamad Arif Ali, MD CPHIMS, WirelessMD Blog

*Dr Martin Delahaye, Dental Surgeon, Harley Street

*Dr. Michael Stein, Chief Medical Officer , Map of Medicine

*Brian O’Connor, Pulmonary Physician, Harley Street

*Tam McDonald, CEO, Harley Street World

*Doug Chambers, Business Development, EuMHA – UK,

*Brian O’Connor, Director, EuMHA – UK,

*Ilkka Vartiainen – Finland, EuMHA

*Professor Chris Taylor OBE, Associate VP Research, University of Manchester, UK

*David McCarron, EMEA Healthcare, Intel

*Adesina Illuyemi, Co-Chair Global Health Commission, NEPAD (New Economic Partnership for Africa’s Development) Council

*Steven Dodsworth, Head of Life Sciences, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Scotland

*Farai Matsika, Program Officer: Data Analyst, International HIV/AIDS Alliance

*Paul Higgins, Head of IT, International HIV/AIDS Alliance

*Ruth Bruce, Director, Kinross Group – Health Care and Pandemic Management in Papua New Guinea, New Zealand

*Nandu Madhava, CEO, Mdhil, India

*Tony Choi, Managing Director, TechForDev, Korea

*Dr Ruchi Dass, Council Member, Gerson Lehrman Group

*Katiane Di Schiavi, representing Universidade de Sao Paulo, delivering 5 minute paper on Mobile Healthcare Business Opportunity for Mobile Operators

*Dr Trishan Panch, Strategy Lead, Sana Mobile Team with Geff Graham, Operations Lead, Sana, representing MIT and defending mHealth Alliance Award

*Dr Talya Miron-Shatz, Head, Center for Medical Decision Making, Ono Academic College, Israel; Wharton, University of Pennsylvania

*Dr Thomas Brennan, Research Assistant, Centre of Excellence in Personalised Healthcare, Oxford University’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering, jointly funded by the Wellcome Trust and EPSRC, with Sara Khalid, DPhil candidate in Biomedical Engineering, Oriel College, Oxford

*Nils Masgård, CEO. iDoc, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden

*Keith Nurcombe, Health Sector Director, Telefonica O2 UK

*Dr Alison Burdett, CTO, Toumaz Technologies

*Dr med Heike Unverhau, Associate, McKinsey & Company; Founding Partner SOS4Life- Health Records

*James Shingleton, Applications Engineer, BERU f1systems

*Robin Spinks, Principal Manager, Digital Accessibility, RNIB (Royal National Institute of the Blind), UK

*Gus Desbarats, Chairman, The Alloy, UK

*David Aanensen, Imperial College

*Fabio Sergio, Executive Creative Director, Frog Design, Italy

*Robert Istepanian, Director MINT, Kingston University

*Dr Nicholas Robinson, Practising GP and Clinical Director for Long Term Conditions, NHS Direct

*Juergen Pillinger, e-Health Senior Business Developer, Orange Austria Telecommunication

*Carl Barratt, CEO, Monica Healthcare

*Jamie Driver, Business Development Manager, Medhand International

*Eric Leven, President, Riproad, USA

*George Mac Ginnis, Director, PA Consulting

*Hugo Tewson, Co Founder, Chronic Foundation

*Rod Morris, Director or Wireless, ANT Wireless with 250 time Marathon runner

*Martin Parnell and Dylan Casey, Product Manager, Google, and former USPS Pro Cycling Team (with Lance Armstrong). 1998-2002

*James Shingleton, Applications Engineer, BERU f1systems

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Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit – even Daley Thompson is coming!!

You’re not meant to have favourites, I know, but the Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit, which runs next week Tuesday/Wednesday at the Thistle Hotel, Marble Arch London,  is definitely my personal favourite event (although I love them all!). It’s simply fascinating hearing how the wireless industry is energising the healthcare provisioning industry, working up against some pretty disastrous chronic illness and global demographic stats.

We’ve got some very exciting developments this year – including a case study from Google on sports perfomance data connectivity within the Tour de France; over ten participants in our University R&D mobile healthcare Challenge; global health provider presence from across the world (over 30 countries); hands on demos and a Harley Street Alliance plug in workshop with decathlete Daley Thompson as featured panellist. Daley is acting as ambassador for new healthier ways of living engaged through innovative techniques – and who can say no to such a tache?! I for one am extremely excited.

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I’m at Cloud Mobility – Still Working Out the Value Chain

I’m at Cloud Mobility today and tomorrow, with more HP Mini giveaways than you can throw a stick at. Interesting discussions so far from HP, Vodafone and Amazon Web Services.  It seems one issue so far,  among this nascent mobile cloud industry, is the cross-service provisioning of different industry players: how are new partnerships avoiding cannibalization of existing services direct to consumer? Seems the legal bods will have a lot of work to do here ensuring contacts cut out anti-business up-sell etc. Ability to provide mash-up among the cloud is heralded as important and Vodafone also noted the possible evolution of its third phase from

1. linked pages

2. cloud services

3. linkable data

A few security issues before we reach linked data but a compelling future vision with applications across health, education, Government etc…

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Introducing the New SAS in Telecoms

Hello again. Apologies for the big gap between posts. It’s been a busy year and I’ve just been promoted to Conference Manager, Software and Services. I mention this as it will by my responsibility from now onwards to get involved with all you busy industry bods and find out whats going on out there in the world of telecoms services and convergence. In short, I’ll need your help to find out which new areas we should be transforming into long term event series, where we should be expanding current events into new regions, and where I should be (industry events CES, CTIA etc) in order to keep up to date with all of potential new coverage – smart cars, mhealth, augmented reality and everything in between)….

We need you! Contact me with new areas to address in telecoms at

The other news you will be glad to hear is our content and apps events team is changing its name to Software and Services, SAS, not SAAS, mind – but a crack team none the less, ready to swoop into action.

Feel free to link in with me, send your ideas, or set up a meeting. I’m looking forward to hearing from you all:

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AT&T Act With Conviction in Mobile Cloud Investment – Who’s Next?

Hello! Apologies for the gap in postings – I’ve been at MVNO Industry Summit in Barcelona which was a hit despitwe the erratic bellowings of the cloud. Now wrapping things up on Cloud Mobility 2010 and starting work on Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit, with some nice synergies between the two…

A good bit of industry confidence in mobile cloud recently when AT&T announced its planned $1 billion investment ‘set aside’ for cloud-based service provisioning. Such conviction from the operator community sits comfortably next to ABI and Juniper Research’s more-than-healthy market projections for mobile cloud uptake and revenue generation.

AT&T Synaptic will offer cloud computing and cloud storage services mainly to the enterprise market, focusing on M2M apps, and unified comms. With operator legacy expertise in volume data management, this new opportunity is vast. As Phil Hochmuth, analyst with Yankee Group, recently commented:

‘I think the endpoint device in terms of mobility–it has to be a cloud scenario’

Working out the exact cloud VAS proposition will mean that operators inevitably work with 3rd parties to achieve their goals quickly and with scale.

This is something I hope to address through the speakers and sessions put together for Cloud Mobility in September and Joe Weinman, Business Solutions Strategy and Business Development, AT&T, USA will be talking about How Mobile Cloud Affects Asset Ownership.

Worth knowing that we have limited free operator passes on this event, and confirmed speaker from around the world from SaaS, Content, Devices, or Networks to date include…

Michel Burger, Head of Service Architecture, Vodafone Group Services Joe Weinman, Business Solutions Strategy and Business Development, AT&T, USA Alexandre Rigaldo, Cloud Computing Program Director, Orange Labs and Orange Business Services Paulo Simoes, Business Evolution Consultant, TMN, Portugal Fernando Núñez Mendoza, Co-founder, President and CEO, fonYou Telecom, Spain Stein Tommer, Director of Business Development, Enterprise Market, Telenor, Norway Damien Byrne, Head of New Propositions, T-Mobile Sebastian Thalanany, Technology Strategist, US Cellular, USA Elise Vennegues, Principal Research Engineer, Orange Labs, France Pierre Yurow, Co-Founder, COO, Spectrum Mobile Hadi Nahari, Principal Security Architect, Principal Mobile & Devices Architect, Emerging Technologies, Paypal Joe Gore, New Media Sales, AccuWeather, USA Simon Davies, Managing Director, Europe, Snaptu Tony DeRuvo, CEO, Gogobeans, USA Mark Newman, Chief Research Officer, Informa Telecoms and Media, UK Caroline Gabriel, Research Director, Rethink Technology Research Ltd Morgan Gillis, Executive Director, Limo Foundation Michael Knuckey, Editor, Cloud Vision, UK Windsor Holden, Principal Analyst and Report Author, Juniper Research, UK Andreas Constantinou, CEO, Vision Mobile Tim Raby, Managing Director, OMTP, UK John Strand, CEO, Strand Consult, Denmark Ajit Jaoker, Founder, Future Text, Member, Global Economic Forum, UK Ingrid Silver, Partner, Technology, Media and Telecoms, Denton Wilde Sapte Thomas Magedanz. TU Berlin,. Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany

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Cloud – A Whole New Dimension

Currently there are two types of ‘mobile cloud’ that are in operation.

Firstly, the monstrous Icelandic ash-filled variety, currently romping throughout Northern European air-space.

Cloud One: Hindering

Secondly, the services enabling, cyber-space delight currently enjoyed by software companies, device manufacturers, and mobile operators:

Cloud Two: Enabling

I know which one I prefer! Fight back and choose the right mobile cloud – come to Cloud Mobility this year September, London. More details at We promise not to disrupt your journeys, increase your staff costs or question the ability of man to control nature. Instead, establish…

  • How can you best get your business ready for a move into the Mobile Cloud?
  • How is the Mobile Cloud set to change the industry?
  • What are the costs of the Mobile Cloud and what sort of revenue can you expect?
  • How can you best educate your customers about the Mobile Cloud?
  • What devices will be the most suitable for the Mobile Cloud?
  • In what why must developers change to create for the Mobile Cloud?
  • Will the Mobile Cloud help solve interoperability?
  • What must you do from a legal perspective before moving to the Mobile Cloud?
  • What should you take into the Mobile Cloud and what should be left behind?

    And a peek at some of our speakers here….

  • Tony DeRuvo, CEO, Gogobeans
  • Damien Byrne, Head of New Propositions, T-Mobile
  • Tim Raby, Managing Director, OMTP, UK or Wholesale Application Community
  • Joe Weinman, Business Solutions Strategy and Business Development, AT&T
  • Fernando Núñez Mendoza, Co-founder, President and CEO, fonYou Telecom
  • Paulo Simoes, Business Evolution, TMN
  • Sebastian Thalanany, Technology Strategist, US Cellular
  • Windsor Holden, Principal Analyst and Report Author, Juniper Research
  • Caroline Gabriel, Research Director, Rethink Technology Research
  • Andreas Constantinou, CEO, Vision Mobile
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